Every minute counts in the event of a cyberattack, this is why our CyberSOC performs real-time monitoring of your information systems.

DATAPROTECT CyberSOC has the first private CSIRT in Africa, certified by FIRST. With unique certifications in the region and in-depth expertise, our analysts monitor security incidents 24/7, to anticipate, analyze and fend off threats.

From tuning to alert-triggering, the rich Use Case bank that was developed by our CyberSOC is a valuable asset that helps address the incidents with the most sophisticated operating modes.


A full security oversight and incident handling in short lead times

Combining continuous monitoring and certified security experts, our CyberSOC enables to:

  • Detect threats in real time
  • Analyze the sensitivity of the threats
  • Take quick and accurate measures to handle incidents efficiently

Processing over 500,000 security events per second, our CyberSOC reduces attack risks and provides the best protection strategy by focusing on the identified deficiencies.

A CSIRT team made up of certified experts

Incident response requires allocating significant resources, therefore our CSIRT specialists are mobilized 24/7 to help you define and fix security incidents.

Our experts are all skilled and experienced to swiftly respond to incidents and to enable you to strengthen your response to future attacks. With over 300 cybersecurity reports published a year, our CSIRT team remains continuously mindful of the ever-changing cyberattacks.

Accurate designation of incidents

With over 25 fact-finding missions a year (forensics), our highly qualified cyber-specialists can spot the cause of an incident and deter any similar cyber-penetration using:

  • In-depth analysis of digital artifacts and footprint, a genuine supporting evidence to reconstruct the incident history
  • Identification of the attack alleged sources
  • A precise compromise diagnosis

Fraud prevention

Aware of the actual stakes of each business, our cyberexperts rely on a wide up-to-date use case bank, to enable you to detect any attempted fraud immediately.


  30+   certified analysts
  25+  investigation assignments a year
  60+  customers distributed among 15 countries, monitored 24 / 7
 500 000+   security events processed per second
  300+   cybersecurity reports published a year
  A unique use case library in the region, covering broad fraud scenarios
  Unique certifications in the region

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DATAPROTECT is a cybersecurity company. As a real international key player, DATAPROTECT is strategically positioned in the cybersecurity ecosystem, thanks to its pool of skills and unique expertise.









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